This is a blog dedicated to my other fetish, cum between tits. It is pretty obvious what you will find here. Mostly cumshots between soft beautiful breasts and also pictures of great cum on tits and tittyfucking. It is a beautiful sight seeing a hard dick thrusting between two perfect boobs. Watching it pump out white cum hands-free nestled in her cleavage turns me on like nothing else.

Check out my links below. There are links to my other adult blogs, my favorite pics, as well as a proposal for any girl with large breasts.

Standard disclaimer: I do not profess to own any of these images. If there is a question of copyright, please contact me and I will be happy to remove the image in question. 18+ ONLY!!!!

PS: Let Me Titfuck You :) The number one thing on my sexual bucket list - I have never titfucked a busty girl. I am looking for a volunteer. Contact me below! ;)

Skype: albertopalomar11
Yahoo: albertopalomar1


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